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Veterinary Specialty Hospital in Gainesville, Florida


We hope your pet never needs surgery. However, if the need arises, you should know that the Veterinary Surgicenter is committed to the most advanced procedures in Veterinary Medicine and Surgery. We are an intermediate veterinary care facility where we provide surgical consults, evaluations and procedures when your pet needs us the most. This means that our doctors dedicate their ongoing education to the latest in specialty/advanced surgical (as well as minimally invasive) techniques and methods.


We routinely offer “2nd opinions” for consults done elsewhere for not only medical, but also surgical, cases.  If your current veterinarian is recommending an invasive or specialty hospital procedure, feel free to bring your pet to us for our review and opinion. Do you have a TPLO surgery recommendation for a dog that has a torn cruciate ligament (ACL or CCL issues)? A consultation with one of our surgeons will help you understand the options available for your pet's current condition.


We love hearing from our clients!

Absolutely 5+ stars! Everyone from the staff to the vet acted as if my Rusty was part of their family. Dr. Stanley was the best vet I have ever been with - Rusty sat on his lap and acted as if he was Mr. Comfortable...he does that with NO ONE. The surgery went smoothly and the stitches were perfect. Put your pets in their care. You will NOT be disappointed! - John M.


We are a locally-owned pet surgical practice offering an individualized care plan that fits each patient, family and budget. No waiting weeks or months for a surgical appointment, evaluation, or procedure. We deliver your pet's discharge and after-care instructions to your regular vet to continue continuity of care. Contact us today if your pet is in need for both emergent and scheduled care during our business hours.   


Our goal is to offer a spectrum of veterinary surgical care options to improve access to treatment for our patients and clients. We achieve this goal through our surgical care team made up of boarded specialists, experienced surgery-passionate general practitioners, and specialized animal care nurses. Our patient-centered approach relies on problem solving, practical experience, evidence-based medicine, and strong communication between the veterinary care teams and client to tailor a surgical treatment plan that meets their specific needs. Depending on the complexity of the surgical procedure, surgeries are performed either by a boarded surgical specialist or experienced general practitioner with a primary interest in surgery. This allows for our practice to provide exceptional care at an accessible cost.




310 NW 76th Drive, Suite C

Gainesville, FL. 32607 (map)


(352) 225-3501


(352) 554-5322




Our surgicenter was designed to feel less like a hospital and relaxed and comfortable for both you and your pet.  

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310 NW 76th Drive, Gainesville, Florida 32607

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